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Criminal Law


 Whether defending clients against misdemeanor DWI charges, felony drug crime, or fighting for a defendant’s freedom in homicide allegations, our strong commitment to the client lays the groundwork as we proceed with expert handling in all phases of the criminal justice process. Effective strategies underpin each stage of the process, from pre-trial motions through discovery, jury selection, courtroom presentation, cross-examination, and closing argument.


  •  Assault

  • DWI and driver's license suspension

  • Drug crimes

  • Theft

  • Expungement

Federal Criminal Law


  • Mortgage fraud: It is imperative to consult with an attorney if accused of banking or mortgage fraud.

  • Securities fraud: Insider trading and other securities fraud charges can drastically affect your life forever.

  • Health care fraud: If you are involved in the health care industry and accused of any type of fraud, seek help from an attorney immediately.

  • Federal tax fraud: Tax fraud is something the government takes very seriously. Fighting these charges early on is essential.

  • Money laundering: Attempting to hide the source of money can wind you up in prison.

  • RICO/racketeering: RICO charges carry severe consequences. Do not face them alone.

  • Public corruption: Politicians can be charged with public corruption if accused of illegal activity such as fraud.

  • Conspiracy: Even if you do not complete your crime, you can still be charged with conspiracy.

  • Drug crimes

​Personal injury


Micheal P. Trejo represents both defendants and plaintiffs in claims, lawsuits and arbitrations involving:


  • Catastrophic Injury

  • Negligence

  • Wrongful Death

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Premises Liability

  • Work and Job-Related Accidents

  • Assault and Battery

  • Nursing Home Abuse

  • Defamation

​Family Law
Family law matters can be difficult on all parties involved. The Law Office of Micheal P. Trejo will work with you and your family during this difficult time.


  • Child Custody

  • Child Support

  • Complex Property Issues

  • Divorce

  • Domestic Violence 

  • Judgment Modification

  • Move Away

  • Order Enforcement

  • Paternity

  • Prenuptial Agreement

  • Spousal Support

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